City-Wide Clean-Ups

 City Wide Clean-up

 October 26th,  2019

8:00 a.m. till 12:00 noon


Dumpster location: Corner of F.M. 1979 and County Rd. 103 - (S.E. River Road)

Must show proof of Martindale Residency

City utility bill or other proof of residency required!


No Hazardous Materials allowed

  • NO Oil drums/barrels, paint, solvents, chemicals, materials which could be considered flammable or explosive, or material not environmentally sound for disposal 
  • NO Pesticides, cleaning chemicals, house hold garbage, any items that contain hazardous materials, automotive oil, engine coolant, transmission fluid, tires, foam rubber, batteries
  • NO Electronic items like TV, computers, phones, cell phones
  • NO Brush

                                                              Let’s All Work Together To Clean up Our City!