About Martindale

Life in Martindale

The City of Martindale is a charming, small city in Central Texas with a unique character. Located in the Austin Metropolitan Region, Martindale provides an oasis from the hustle-and-bustle of the I-35 corridor. People are drawn to Martindale because of its serene agricultural and natural environment and its proximity to regional amenities. Martindale is also regional destination for visitors seeking to enjoy the San Marcos River. 

History of Martindale

The town of Martindale was established in 1855 by Nancy Martindale, who donated land for the town site.  

Agriculture has played a significant role in the development of Martindale. By 1890, the town had four general stores and four gristmills and cotton gins. In 1949, cottonseed and hybrid seed corn companies near Martindale supplied over 65 percent of the hybrid seed corn and a large percentage of the pedigreed cottonseed produced in Texas. 

In 1982, the town became the third city in Caldwell County to incorporate.

Population and Demographics 1

2018 Population Estimate:  1,272

Median Household Income:  $55,893

Education Attainment (percent high school graduate or higher):  77.4%

 Median Housing Value:  $170,900

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

canoers on the river
Small grain silos