Envision Martindale 2025 Community Strategic Plan

The City Council of Martindale resolved to commence with a community-based strategic planning process on February 4, 2020. A community-based strategic plan identifies the community’s strategic priorities within a 5-year planning horizon based on community input gathered during the planning process. Data from survey responses and public workshops were analyzed to identify community priorities. As a result of this approach, the strategic plan articulates citizen expectations, provides a blueprint for community goals and initiatives, and serves as the basis for budgetary considerations and decisions

Based on resident feedback, the most important community priorities are:

  1. Infrastructure and Public Amenities; 
  2. Maintain Community; 
  3. Economic Development and Planning; 
  4. Management and Public Services.

Within the plan, each strategic priority is accompanied by several strategic initiatives that identify specific actions, programs, or ideas that, when fulfilled, achieve desired outcomes for that priority area. Many of the strategic initiatives provided in this plan were proposed by residents. The plan also identifies desired outcomes for each strategic priority to guide the development of performance metrics. The performance metrics will aid the city in tracking progress toward achieving its strategic priorities.

Coming Soon! Continue to provide feedback on the strategic priorities for Martindale by completing a survey. Survey responses will be reviewed at least annually for consideration of future updates to the strategic plan. 

View the Envision Martindale 2025 Community Strategic Plan by clicking on the document image below:

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